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​Finally...A Travel Website for Catholics!

Why? Like us, you have probably been disappointed & frustrated by the lack of reliable Catholic information on most travel websites. This inspired us to create a travel website designed for you, the Catholic traveler. 

First hand information, little known tidbits and great travel advice from experienced Catholic travelers enable you to incorporate your Catholic faith into your travels. Whether a pilgrimage, a vacation, a business trip...wherever you are likely to find a place of interest.  So use this site as your personal window to the Catholic travel world.  For quick results, use the search button on the top right of each page. 

Trip Planner:  We suggest you start here. Discover little-known tips & practical advice: group vs independent travel, choosing a Catholic tour company, airport chapels, currency, passports, train travel tips and much more.

Destinations: will take you to places in various countries popular with Catholic travelers--and some little-known destinations as well. Maps and contact information.

Cruises: Ocean Cruises, River cruises, Barge Hotel cruises, wedding destinations, etc. Finding a cruise with a priest on board.

Calendar of Events:  Catholic Festivals, Special Events, conferences around the world. Have an event you want listed?  Just fill in the form on our calendar page.

Catholic Travel Blog:  great place to get the latest travel news, Catholic wedding venues, news of Pope Francis and stories from fellow Catholics.  Guest bloggers are welcome!

Catholic Travel Forum: join the discussion: ask questions or help others by giving your reviews or advice.

Catholic Travel store:  books and DVD's carefully selected to reflect the wonders of our Catholic faith and the many travel destinations available.

The Resources page: offers you a number of external links to sites that provide you with useful travel information for both Catholics and non-Catholics.

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Pope Francis has been known to kiss a few babies in his time!  Here he is at one of his weekly Papal Audiences in Rome.
Pope Benedict XVI greeting visitors at the Papal Summer Residence in Castel Gandolfo
Pope John Paul II (now Saint John Paul II) in Mexico City at the Canonization of Saint Juan Diego
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