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About The Catholic Travel Guide

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The Catholic Travel Guide is designed to be the place for Catholics to get information about destinations and more from Catholic perspective. 

Those big travel websites are great for giving general information and reviews (we read them ourselves), but let's face it most of those reviews are not necessarily for Catholics. 
Therefore, you might find a review concerning Siena, Italy that describes the city and some sights to see, but hardly any mention of Saint Catherine of Siena or the Eucharistic Miracle there, not to mention Mass times or other useful information.  

It can be frustrating for people to locate the exact information they seek, and so this website is designed to provide that information.

The Catholic Travel Guide is an independent website. Although we are loyal to the Magesterium of the Catholic Church, it is not an official website of the Roman Catholic Church.

Ads that appear on the Catholic Travel Guide are of two types:

1. Ads by Google AdSense (they are sometimes labeled with "Ads by Google"). The Catholic Travel Guide does not personally endorse the products and services advertised in these ads.

Google chooses the ads to display on each page according to three basic criteria:

1.The page subject.
2.What the viewer may have looked at previously.
3.Random choice by Google  

2. Ads by individual companies such as Tripadvisor, Amazon, etc. These ads are reviewed by us to be sure that they are both useful and in line with our advertising policies.

We try to filter out ads that are not appropriate, but occasionally one slips by us. This is sometimes beyond our control but feel free to contact us if you find inappropriate content and we will do what we can. 
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