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Reach your targeted audience:

Our goal is to be the number one source for Catholic travel information.  If you search for Catholic travel, you will find we are often #1.  We are young and growing, with a worldwide audience.  Our site visitors are Catholics interested in travel and are actively seeking information on various means of travel, locations to visit, travel accessories, hotels, cruises.

Our statistics (January-July 2016)  show a diverse range of visitors (source:  Google Analytics)

60% female, 40% male

Age of visitors:
over 55   40%
45-54      17%
35-44      15%
25-34      16%

Country of origin:
64% from U.S.A.
6% from United Kingdom
4% from Canada
3 % Italy
2.5% Australia

135,000 users, average of 3 pages per session

Time on site: 1:50, bounce rate 52%

52% desktop, 32% mobile devices, 15% tablet users

Our rates

We offer opportunity for both display ads and direct links:

Display Ads
$50 per month for 3 pages of ad placements (min 6-month contract). 
You choose 728x90 header, 160x600 sidebar or 336x280 bottom on each page.  Note: despite not being "above the fold", our 336x280 ads do very well, as our site visitors tend to read the entire page.

You provide the ad copy.

Here is the CTR info for Jan-Jun 2016:
728x90 header  .59%
160x600 skyscraper  .88%
336x280 bottom .53%

Google Adsense ads may also appear on these pages.  Want to have it all to yourself?  We will remove all ads but yours from that page for an additional $50 per month  (certain pages exempt).

Other sizes, such as 970x250, available upon request.

For more information send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Note:  We do not use pop-ups.  They are often annoying to site visitors and their over-use has led many to install ad-blocking software.  Our primary goal is to provide our site visitors with an experience that will make them want to return to us many times over.

Direct Links
Links can be highly effective, and cost is based on a per-case basis.

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