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Cruises are hugely popular and since most things are included, they provide a lot of "bang for the buck".  

There are three different types of cruises that are popular today: ocean cruises, river cruises & barge hotel cruises.  Each one offers its own special atmosphere and rewards.  In addition, we have some useful links here to help you plan your cruise.

1. Ocean cruises Not only exotic ports of call but lots of on-board activities.  Some cruises will have a priest on board.  In fact, Holland America has a priest on board every cruise.

​There are some ocean cruises organized by Catholic groups with a priest along as well as Catholic speakers. These are often advertised on Catholic radio or TV as well as Catholic newspapers and church bulletins.

2. River cruises  Much smaller ships designed for river cruising, maybe 20-100 people on board, dock in the heart of town, shore excursions included most days, limited on-board entertainment. A rapidly growing segment of the cruise industry.

3. Barge Hotel Cruises  Smaller yet, these floating hotels travel canals and rivers with anywhere from 6-21 people on board. Great for slowing down.  Usually all-inclusive with lots of time on shore. Definitely not what you think of as a barge!

Helpful Tips:

Will there be a Catholic priest on your cruise?  

Choosing the right cruise for you 

Traveling with children (permission may be required) 

Getting married on a cruise

Comparing Cruise lines

What to know about discounts

Re-positioning cruises:  a great way to save money.

Want to attend Mass before or after your cruise?  Check this out

Here is an interesting port guide...not necessarily Catholic, but great information.

Cruises: Advice for Catholic travelers

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Some cruises have a priest on board, offering daily Mass.
Modern barges are well equipped and offer a chance to slow down and see the countryside