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Additional Catholic Travel Sites (alphabetical order)

Catholic Travel Journal:  blog for Catholic travelers

Catholic TV: Join Kevin Nelson as he takes you along for inspiring trips.

Joan's Rome:  an insiders look at the "Eternal City" by Joan Lewis.

MaryPages:  Marian apparitions around the world  Check on Mass times throughout the world.

Medjugorje Today:  Latest news from Medjugorje.

Latin Mass locations :  in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Colombia, Germany,
Puerto Rico, U.S.A, Canada.

Official Vatican website:  for a video tour click on "Basilicas and Papal Chapels"

Perpetual Adoration:  Churches throughout the world offering 24-hour adoration.

Rome Reports:  up-to-date reports and video on the activities of the Holy See.

​Safe, secure source of Concert Tickets:
Classic Tic (our preferred provider)

General travel information (alphabetical order):

Auto Europe:  Auto rentals at a discount

Best Travel

Currency Converter  be sure to know the real cost of your trip.

Home exchange:  swap homes for a great local experience.  

Language courses:  Rocket Languages offers a discount

Mileage Finder:  a great planning resource if you are traveling independently and planning to drive.  another great resource for planning your trip.

Rail Europe: Tickets & Rail Passes for citizens of US, Canada, Mexico  

Rail Europe World:  Rail passes and train schedules for most other countries.

Strikes and Labor actions that may impact your travel plans

Time converter:  converts local time to Greenwich Mean Time

Travel Websites Directory:  list of many travel websites.

TripAdvisor: Useful reviews of hotels and destinations.

Wireless passwords from airports around the world

Planning Flights

Airfare Watchdog: Shop for the best fares 

Expertflyer:  this website can help you get the seat you want.

Frequent fliers:  check out for great advice.

Seat Guru:  great source for airline seat info, user flight reviews and more.

Some of our favorite Catholic Sites: (not necessarily travel-related)

CatholiCity:  Home to popular free Catholic CDs and novels, Catholic news and 
commentary, and the Best Catholic Links on the web. Worth a visit.

Catholic Dating:  Travel for single's largest Catholic dating site.

Catholic History:  background information about the Church in time.  great employment resource for Catholics.

Catholic Cuisine:  recipes for celebrating the feast and seasons of the liturgical year.

Catholics Come  rediscover the truth, wonder and mystery of the Catholic faith

Catholic Search engine:  This search engine provides a wide range of Roman Catholic sites.

ChurchPop:  Fun & interesting articles (part of EWTN)  movie reviews you can trust.

Dynamic Catholic:  Great articles and news from Mathew Kelly and others  Catholic news and articles of interest concerning the Church

Grace before Meals:  Fr. Leo Patalinghug's great site dedicated to Catholic cooking & travel

The Son Rise Morning Show:  great morning listening on Catholic radio.

Spirit Daily:  Catholic news and prophecy from around the world.

Top Catholic Blogs  (Catholic bloggers all in one place)

Catholic Social Network:
Awestruck social network dedicated to celebrating the faith and promoting the Church

And some other sites of interest to Catholics:

Buy printer ink and toner from the Monks of St. Andrew's Abbey

Catholic Prayer Cards

The Good Shepherd Store: Hand-crafted items from a Christian shop in Bethlehem.

Sacred Art

And, some great sites for gifts:

Monthly clubs (wine, cheese, chocolates)

The Catholic Travel Guide

Resources for Catholic Travelers: Internet Links

Here are some resources that are useful for Catholic travelers...and those who are just interested in travel.  

Our goal is to provide reliable and useful links, however we cannot be responsible for all content. If you find any links that you feel should not be included, please contact us and likewise, if there are any links that you think we should include, we would like to know about those as well.

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