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Pontmain, France: Apparitions of Our Lady of Hope

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The Story:
At the small town of Pontmain, France on a cold winter evening, January 17, 1871, the Virgin Mary appeared to four children above a barn on the farm of the Barbadette family. Eugene, age 12, and his brother Joseph, age 10, were the first to see her in the sky. They described a beautiful lady in a dark blue dress covered with stars. She wore a black veil with a golden crown on her head. Two little girls, Francoise Richer, age 11, and Jeanne Marie LeBosse, age 9, also saw her in the sky. 

It was war time and the invading Prussians were near.

The village people, strong in their faith, had been praying for a miracle to save them from the enemy. Our Lady appeared over a nearby barn. A written message appeared on a large white banner which unrolled beneath the feet of Our Lady. A message was given to the people that God had heard their prayers and that He would answer their needs shortly. The single apparition lasted three hours. Within eleven days, Prussia had mysteriously withdrawn its troops. An Armistice was signed and the war was over - Pontmain and France had been spared. 

This is commemorated in the barn as shown at the right.

Within a year, the Bishop of Laval Diocese, Bishop Wicart, authorized devotion at the site. Today the Basilica of Our Lady of Hope welcomes the 200,000 pilgrims that come here to ask for her intercession. 

The Basilica and the Barn:
You can visit both the barn (groups can say Mass there) as well as the magnificent Basilica which was built later.  

The Basilica and the barn are open daily. The Basilica is very impressive and its large size reflects the popularity of the Shrine. It stands in stark contrast to the barn, which has retained its simplicity.

On the occasions we have visited you can just walk in the barn--there do not seem to be any attendants or anyone in particular in charge.  There are a few gift shops in Pontmain selling various statues, books, etc related to the apparitions. Pontmain is not far from Mont St. Michel, the D-Day beaches and other attractions of this part of Normandy.

Getting there:
There is no train service to Pontmain, the nearest station is in Laval, about 30 miles away.  From there you can take a taxi to the Shrine, there is no bus service.  

Click here for the official website of Our Lady of Pontmain, France.  You can find details about Masses and other events.  

There is an English-language option on the site.  There is also a video on the site showing the story of the apparitions; however, it is in French so unless you speak French you may not get much out of it.

This is commemorated in the barn as shown in the photo at the right.

1. Personal visits.
2. Catherine M. Odell, "Those who saw her", OSV Publishing, 1986.
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The barn in Pontmain, over which the apparition took place.
A painting describing the apparition is painted on the inside of the barn.
Interior of the barn marked with plaques (in French)
Statue of Our Lady of Pontmain inside the barn
The Basilica of Our Lady of Pontmain
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