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In order to get the most out of your travels we suggest that you spend time doing a bit of research. 

Grab some maps and guide books, and let's get started.   
The pages below will provide some help in making decisions. 

Undecided between group and independent travel? 
Advantages and Disadvantages of each type of travel
Self-guided tours ( a mix of each)

Group Travel for Catholics:
How to choose a Catholic Tour company
> Checking a tour operator's reputation
Evaluating an itinerary (not as easy as you might think)

Independent Catholic Travelers Guide:
 Car Rentals in Europe
 Train Travel in Europe
 Staying in Monasteries and Convents
 Concert tickets at special venues throughout Europe
> is a website you may want to check out

Don't miss these pages for both Group & Independent Catholic travelers:

Before you go:
>  Valuable resources for traveling with special needs children
>  Currency (when and where to get it)
>   Don't make these common travel mistakes!
>  Enjoying your flight (best tips)
>  Immunizations and other health concerns
>  Jet Lag (how to minimize or avoid it)
 Packing tips (what to take and what to leave behind)
 Passports and visas (basic information)
 What can go wrong with passports ( a must read)
 Lost Luggage
 Travel insurance
>  Value added Tax (VAT) money back on your purchases.
>  Taking minor children out of the country (permission letter)
  Calendar of Catholic events and festivals around the world

Finding a Mass along the way:
   >  Airport Chapels Worldwide
   >  Churches or chapels near major cruise ports
  >  Attending a Papal Mass or Papal Audience

>  General Cruise Information 
>  Ocean Cruises
 River Cruises
 Mobility concerns on a river cruise
  Re-positioning cruises
 Cruise lines with priests on board
 Getting married on a cruise
 Cruise Discounts
>  Alcoholic Beverages on a cruise


>  City Pass:  great discounts on many U.S. cities.
>  European Christmas Markets

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